why Business Process Modelling

To improve and make changes to your business, it's crucial to first understand the business processes. Business process modelling serves as an x-ray for the business, revealing the interconnections of people, technology, and information. It's a key skill for any business analyst. However, modelling complex business processes that can be effectively communicated and easily understood can be a significant challenge. Only a handful of business analysts possess the know-how to model complex businesses that effectively communicate with all levels of stakeholders, from the CEO to the Customer Support, Solution Architect to Application Developer.

From Complexity to Clarity, BPMN made easy with Process-bility

Process-bility is a business modelling philosophy and technique developed and refined over 30 years by Kevin Tan.
It is based on three fundamental principles of:
1. Storytelling:
involves crafting a compelling visual narrative that conveys the flow of the process and how it fits within the broader context of the organisation.
2. Visual Balance:
emphasises the strategic use of colors and position of notation to create a visually pleasing and easy-to-understand model.
3. Simplicity:
is about using the "less is more" approach, focusing on the essential elements of the process and avoiding unnecessary complexity.
By embracing Process-bility, you can create process models that are highly engaging, easy to understand, and capable of driving meaningful change within your organisations.

Kevin Tan

Thought Leader in Business Process Modelling:
I'm a thought leader in BPMN modeling. I've consciously dissected 30 years of my unconscious modelling techniques and mindset into Process-bility : an easy to understand, teachable framework for BPMN modelling.
Coaching and Success in BPM implementation:
The highlights of my career include being appointed as the BPMN-Signavio coach for National Australia Bank (NAB) and leading a team to roll out the Business Process Management framework for QBE Insurance.
Process-bility for everyone:
Every organisation can benefit from adopting Process-bility. I'm committed to sharing my knowledge, expertise and experience through webinars, social media microlearning, personalise workshops and one on one coaching. My goal is to empower you to develop your own Process-bility and help you achieve success in your organisation.

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